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Want to work with us?


HCPC 999 Paramedics, registered Doctors and Nurses with A&E experience and Ambulance Technicians 

We are always on the look out for healthcare professionals with at least 2 years experience in treating patients. 

After a successful phone interview you may be offered a free of charge training day with us where you will learn about the role during the delivery of a real course. After assisting in one course you will receive a CPD certificate. 

Successful applicants will teach alongside a HCPC Paramedic who holds a FAA teaching license.

We offer competitive payment with free food & drinks all day.

Volunteer with us and get an amazing CPD certificate

​We are always on the look out for paramedic students, medical students, nursing students or anyone in the medical field to help us.


Basically assisting during role play, ensuring students are practicing correctly and so on.

In exchange for your time you will receive:
• Travel costs up to £20 plus free lunch, tea and coffee.
• Certificate of participation with volunteered certified hours (great for CPD portfolios).
​• Fantastic hands on experience in mentoring and assisting others.
• Life time 10% discount to attend any of our courses.


If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send an email with your CV to:
​Looking forward to hearing from you!

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