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Get to know us a little better...

Hello! If you have ended up here, chances are you care about saving lives - which is amazing because I do too! My name is Priscila Currie, I have been a registered HCPC Paramedic since 2014 graduate from St Georges University of London and been working in the Capital ever since. My passion has always been Emergency Medicine so a career in the emergency services ticked all the boxes for me! 

It quickly became apparent to me that the lack of basic First Aid skills was a real problem in society and lives were being lost when they could have been saved! Even more disappointing was the level of First Aid being offered by the hundreds of First Aid companies. 

So I decided to do some research and attended the most famous First Aid courses in the market today and my experience was very upsetting. I alarmingly found out that anyone with a 3 day First Aid Course Plus a basic teaching qualification was able to teach others First Aid. With this in mind the company Yay First Aid was born in 2017.


I want to able to offer a true first aid course where students learn from experts how to save lives! They learn from those who walk their talk and are genuinely passionate about saving lives!


I still work on the 999 frontline and count on the help of other Paramedics, Doctors and Nurses who also work in their loved professions to teach amazing life saving courses on their days off!


The courses teach beyond the national curriculum and are full of exciting role plays and games designed to enhance the students learning and development! We offer regulated and accredited courses as well as more flexible and affordable mini awareness courses all year round. You can find all upcoming dates on our "courses" page or you can contact us to find out more about future timetables.


Yay First Aid supports charities selected by myself where we teach volunteers and staff members at very discounted prices. 


Yay First Aid offers support to those who wish to embark in the Paramedic journey and has helped many students to get in to university and find employment.


Yay First Aid also teaches youth from disadvantaged backgrounds from the ages of 14 to 18 for FREE in exchange to some volunteer time! So basically not only they learn how to save lives but they get some work experience! We also support these youth by offering recommendation letters when they do a great job giving them a better chance of finding employment.


Yay First Aid would like to offer entire courses for free and is always on the lookout for good companies who would like to support this project! In London the gang culture and knife crime is on the rise so we would like to teach those youth how to treat stabbing wounds and assaults! Fancy a partnership? Get in touch! We also have police officers who would be supporting our courses and talking about knife crime.


Yay First Aid is not interested in offering empty certificates. We truly care about saving lives so we are only interested in teaching those who are passionate about saving lives! 


Saving lives matters and for that a quality course is vital! 

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