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We're health care professionals therefore we can teach a variety of first aid courses from paediatric to geriatric!

We have separated our courses for business and public enrolement below. 

Would you like to be prepared for any emergency?


See the courses we have available below and sign up TODAY.


Places are limited!

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£75 pp

First Aid for Families

Duration: 5.5 hours

Online class: 2 hours

In-person class: 3.5 hours

Ideal course for expectant mothers, couples, or anyone who wants to learn lifesaving skills without the need for an accredited certificate.



This course is not professionalizing. The course for professionals working with children is different and is called the Ofsted Professional Pediatric Course


£75 pp

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£175 pp

Emergency First Aid at Work - EFAW

Duration:: 10 hours

Online class: 4 hours

In-person class: 6 hours

This course is the most popular, covering adult emergencies with a pediatric introduction.

By British law, all companies (in any sector) need someone with this course, and if you work or wish to work in the healthcare field, you also require this course.


£175 per person or £135 for groups of at least 5 people

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Paediatric First Aid OFSTED

Duration: 16 hours

Online class 7 hours

In-person class: 9 hours

Professional training course for individuals working with children, and families and parents seeking a comprehensive course are also welcome.

This course is designed for nannies, babysitters, childminders, teachers, and childcare professionals.

The course is taught by a Pediatrician with extensive experience in pediatric emergencies.


£350 per person or £320 for groups of at least 5 people

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Starts from £400

Family VIP Course
Online class: 1.5 hours

In-person class: 3.5 to 5.5 hours

One of our instructors will come to your home to teach a first aid course tailored to your needs.

Specially designed for you, your family, and/or friends.

Exact prices available upon inquiry, as they will depend on the duration and number of participants.


Prices from £400 for a group of 3 people up to 8 people

  • Numerous individuals have already completed our courses and can attest to their effectiveness in not only saving lives but also enhancing their professional credentials.

  • Securing employment in any sector becomes significantly easier with our certification, as per UK law, which mandates that all companies require individuals with a First Aid certificate.

  • Our instruction is provided in both Portuguese and English, with the certificate of completion issued in English—setting us apart as the sole provider to offer this service.

  • We provide the option of interest-free installment payments, with the certificate issued upon full payment.

Why choose Yay First Aid?

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